I debuted my design for a “strawberry post” vertical planter on the Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family Show.

The planter is actually a six-foot tall fence post from Home Depot that we cut holes out of to convert into a planter.

It’s so simple and space efficient, I’m surprised I’ve never seen one like this before!


Strawberry post designed by Shirley Bovshow, the Foodie Gardener, for Home & Family show, Hallmark channel.
Strawberry Post designed by Shirley Bovshow, the Foodie Gardener, for Home & Family show, Hallmark Channel.


Strawberry towers made from PVC drain pipes are very popular these days. They were my inspiration for this prettier and more architectural version.

I purchased a six-foot fence post made from the same material  at Home Depot for $15.

The rectangular finial cost under $5 and is a nice finishing touch.


Instructions For Building a Vertical Strawberry Post


Materials Needed

6-foot tall vinyl fence post

1  finial

Potting soil

Dremel power hand tool

Strawberry plants in 6-cell pack

Sphagnum moss


Vinyl Fence post before strawberry post conversion


1. Cut 1.5-inch diameter holes in the fence post using a cutting tool such as the powered Dremel.

Cut six evenly spaced holes down the length of each side of the post, making sure to stagger them so they are not directly across from each other.

2. Embed the bottom of the post one-foot-deep into the soil.

3. When the post is dug in, start to fill your post with soil until the soil level reaches the first hole near the bottom of the post.


Shirley Bovshow Strawberry Post Vertical Garden Foodie Gardener.

4. Insert a strawberry plant, taking care to cover the root ball but avoid burying the crown of the plant too deeply in the soil

5. Water as you insert strawberries up the post.

6. Fill with more soil and repeat with planting strawberry plants.


Strawberry Post Planter Maintenance

Place your strawberry post in an area that receives at least 8 hours of direct sun. Your strawberries need lots of sunshine.

Water your strawberries from the top of the post with a hose everyday until your strawberries become established.

An inverted plastic soda bottle makes a great “slow-drip” irrigation tool with the bottom  off and filled with water.


During the growing season, add water soluble fertilizer to your strawberries every 2 weeks and don’t allow your strawberry plants to dry out!

I like to use moss to cover the root area of the strawberries to discourage moisture loss.


Here’s a link to the segment on “Shirley Bovshow’s Vertical Strawberry Planter” from the Home & Family show!

Let me know if you have any questions about the strawberry post.








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