Edible Plants: Can I Eat It?


“Edible Plants: Can I Eat It” is a great video for some of you Foodies who are just starting out as gardeners.


Agave Plant Makes Tequilla Foodie Gardener


Do you know where Tequila comes from?




Can you eat a daylily?

In the series, “Gardens of the Rich and Famous,” a show on the Digs Channel on Youtube, I’m the garden expert who mentors a couple of homeless actors, Ari and Emma, in gardening!

The show is very tongue-in-cheek, but you learn a valuable gardening lesson in every episode.


In this episode, Ari and Emma find themselves in a garden designed by me (Shirley Bovshow) that is full of edible plants.


Avocado Fruit Hanging From Tree Ready For Harvest Future Guacamole Foodie_Gardener


Have you seen an avocado hanging from a tree?

Ari and Emma never have!

Too bad these city girls don’t know the difference between a rose and yummy rosemary!

The hungry girls take turns asking Shirley about the plants in the garden.

“Can I eat it?”


Eureka Lemons Used in Cooking Baking Exfoliating Skin Foodie Gardener


Eureka Lemon tree full of fruit.

Watch and discover some of the edible delights you can grow in your garden too.


Salvia Chiapensis Sage You Can Eat Culinary Sage Foodie Gardener


Salvia chiapensis leaves make a soothing tea.


Grow Grapes Use Grape Leaves For Wrapping Dolmadas Mediterannean Food Foodie Gardener


If you have the space and proper climate, grow grapes and enjoy fruit off the vine. You can also harvest the leaves for Mediterranean recipes such as dolmades (stuffed grape leaves).


Fig Fruit Growing on Tree Ready To Harvest Foodie Gardener


Have you ever seen figs hanging from a tree?

Are you hungry yet?


Raspberries Growing on Vine in Garden Foodie Gardener


Raspberry plants tucked along fences create “edible privacy!”


Artichoke Plant Ready For Harvest And To Eat Foodie Gardener


Grilled, marinated or steamed, artichokes are a gourmet treat from the garden!


Women Eating Strawberries In Garden Foodie Gardener

Shirley and Ari and Emma (clockwise) indulge in some fresh strawberries growing in Shirley’s client’s yard in Los Angeles.


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