Watch Shirley’s video on how to grow cabbage!

Grow cabbage in your home garden. Foodie Gardener, Shirley Bovshow explains how easy it is to grow this delicious cool season vegetable!

Learn how to grow cabbage step by step, it’s easy and an ideal vegetable for the beginner or passionate foodie gardener!

Growing cabbage in winter or spring, during the cool season, is prime time for this cole crop where cold temperatures impart a sweeter flavor to cabbages including Napa cabbage, green cabbage, Savoy cabbage, red cabbage, and bok choy!

Homegrown green and red, purple cabbage.

Shirley answers your vegetable gardening questions about growing cabbage in her video:

*How big does cabbage grow?

*How much water does cabbage need?

*What kind of fertilizer does cabbage plant need?

*How far apart do you space cabbage plants?

* How do you protect cabbage from frost?

*What is the ideal temperature for growing cabbage?

*When is cabbage harvest time?

There is nothing more delicious than homegrown cabbage!

Watch Shirley’s video and start growing today!


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