Here’s a clever idea: using recycled wood landscape tree boxes as raised vegetable planters!

I was on a garden tour in Mar Vista, California, when I stumbled across designer Mary Lee Kuhlman’s practical idea.

wood landscape tree boxes can be used as raised garden planters for growing vegetables.

Keep an eye open for landscaping projects in your neighborhood where tree boxes are found in abundance.


Some landscape companies will give them to you for free or at a nominal price if you ask.

Chances are the landscape company has to haul the boxes back to the garden center for a small credit or to their office, where they are piling up.


Great For Square Foot Gardening!

The most common tree box sizes found at most projects are 24-inch or 36-inch.

A 24-inch box measures 2-feet by 2-feet by 2-feet.

So if you are planting with the “Square Foot” method, that translates to four-square-foot boxes!


Take a look at this infographic to see how many specific plants you can grow within a one-square-foot space:


Square Foot Gardening: A Garden for Everyone!


Not bad, right?

You can grow a number of plants in a small, one-square-foot area!


Red Raised Vegetable Planter Shirley Bovshow FoodieGardener

Get creative and paint the outside of your raised planter and make it into a focal point in your yard.

Grow food with style!


Keep your eyes peeled.

Your future raised vegetable planter could be sitting down the street where your neighbor is landscaping his or her yard.

Go make friends with your neighbor and your local landscape company and start growing your foodie garden!


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