Tumbleweed is Edible! Spinach Alternative

Live on the wild side and treat yourself to some tender tumbleweed!


edible tumbleweed plant growing in the garden. Great spinach alternative

Kali tragus (Syn. Salsola tragus, Russian thistle) is an annual plant that tastes delicious raw, or sautéed in coconut oil and garlic!


Tumbleweed was the “spinach” of the Wild West, but its popularity doesn’t have to die there.

Adventurous foodie gardeners, make space for edible tumbleweed in your gardens and “roll” some into your recipes!

Surprise your friends!


Agretti-Cheesecake from modernbeet.com

Here’s a mouth-watering  “Agretti and Ricotta Cheesecake” recipe I discovered on ModernBeet.com.


Written by Jen Carlile, a self-described “avid cook and amateur farmer,” Jen is a foodie gardener to check out.

Jen’s recipe, inspired by 101 Cookbooks, features “Agretti” or the Salsola soda plant, which  is the Mediterranean “cousin plant” of  Salsola tragus, the common tumbleweed plant.


Buy Tumbleweed Seeds!

The cautious foodie gardener may want to buy seeds instead of harvesting their own.

Just a suggestion.

Here’s a blog post with so much information about growing tumbleweed, I can’t improve upon it!


Harvest the succulent growth found in the growing tips of the young tumbleweed and use as you would spinach or other tangy greens.

Once the tumbleweed grows into the large, prickly, menacing rolling demon, it’s too tough and dangerous to eat.

Time to move on!


Tumbleweeds are also useful in crafting!

Take a look at this “tumbleweed snowman” decorating the Fall landscape.


Agave Plant Makes Tequila Foodie Gardener


Interested in knowing what other plants are edible?
Read my post, “Edible Plants: Can I Eat It?”, along with the fun, accompanying video from my “Way to Grow” gardening series!


Do you grow edible tumbleweed?

Do you have a recipe to share with other Foodie Gardeners?

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